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My Fetish: we are both “the girl” in the relationship. we lov

Webcam profile: “staring at her and thinking, ‘how did a lady like her end up with a girl like me?’ ” and then we decided to come online together. We are just femmes that are attracted to ladies. Enjoy is not about 2 different genders, it’s about two greedy souls.

Favorite lovemaking position: rear end and Sixty-nine it what i enjoy. but kneading jewels with gams wide opened is something i love to do also. use dildos and wands, also S/M & SADISM fucktoys is something we enjoy to do online

What I do in my fledgling show: pleasing someone is a immense turn on for me. i enjoy to satisfy Viky, love every bit of the time spent with her. claim her, enjoy her, pound her, spoil her, be loyal to her, trust her!

What I don’t like: it’s stiff to say.

Guys Lets Chat I’m A Massive Cummer!

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