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My Fetish: I like to shower studs with jizm. I’m also highly superb at predominant studs and I like men’s nuts and bootie

Webcam profile: I am Latin, I am 24 years elderly, I like to be a highly domineering girl and enjoy a superb sexual conversation. my bod is plumper I perceive supreme as I am. I am looking for someone who luvs doing a showcase with me

Dearest romp position: 1. On ‘four legs’
2. The stance of Indra
3. Screw
4. Andromache
5. The courtesan
6. The oyster
7. oral lovemaking

What I do in my fledgling show: – Kisses in the neck
–That my fucking partner says “I like that”– Disrobe my partner
– Bite on the ear
– stunning lingerie
– Eye contact during sex
– Hump toys
– dirty talk
– Let them do a striptease
– Being dominated
– Pull the hair
– Have to be quiet
– Role

What I don’t like: – Poor hygiene
– To be bad
– Being rude to waiters
– Munch with your throat open
– Being flirty with other people
– Converse about exes
– Being arrogant
– Talking too much / not listening
– sundress poorly
– Children’s language
– Unsafety
– Long nails
– Wearin

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