Cam tramp CandyShine

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My Fetish: I like to listen to all the practices about conformity because I love it, I also love toying with my soles, they are my largest fetish, in fact I am open to knowing and feeling??

Webcam profile: My name is Candy, what I enjoy most about myself is my style, my sole color, I enjoy my curls, I am too joy, I love to dance, I enjoy playing with colors in my undergarments since they combine highly well with my tone skin, thank you for coming to observe me, I would enjoy for you to leave me a message and add me to your favorites list
?? I don’t speak French flawlessly, but you can write it.

Dearest hook-up position: I feel superb on top, or on my knees, on all fours hahaha all positions are amazing, do you have any fresh ones? I want to know it

What I do in my first-timer show: paws and kisses on the back are my weakness, rough but also a lil’ romantic bang-out exhilarates me, warm conversations lead me to imagine so many tastey things, I like having my soles played with.

What I don’t like: I don’t like messy flashes and I don’t like flashes that involve incest or pedophilia, sate don’t ask because I’m not going to do it, I don’t like you asking for private information either.

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